2019 Dodge Barracuda Price, Specs, Release

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2019 Dodge Barracuda Price, Specs, Release – The most famous model from the Cuda was usually the one with all the HEMI engines, and that is possibly the next thing that hooks up it for the new Dodge’s baby. The initial thought is the fact that both of them are typical gorgeous looking American muscles. So let us continue reading about new 2019 Dodge Barracuda…

2019 Dodge Barracuda


There are lots of gossip about the new 2019 Dodge Barracuda. Will it be another vehicle, merely a facelifted Challenger or something that is more, there is undoubtedly but to view, but the most popular model in the tale concerning the Cuda is one that it will probably be a new automobile, anything small compared to a Challenger. The truth is, there exists info that this will, in fact, be based on Alfa Romeo Giulia. There was a rumor that it will probably be based on Maserati system, but it is not real. It would be too much expensive.

2019 Dodge Barracuda Exterior
2019 Dodge Barracuda Exterior

Considering that the tales about Barracuda basing its system on Giulia appeared to be true, the new auto is going to be Challenger’s more compact sister, but still huge created. Around the leaked out or posted photos and makes we can easily see the large hood with two oxygen intakes. The headlights are correctly added to the edges from the top. Since we said before, the body is substantial and muscular created.


Nicely, this is basically the component of an automobile that we know practically nothing about. Dodge’s officers continue to be trying to hide it so we can just guess what it will probably be like. There are some findings we can transport out. Because the Barracuda will likely be based on Giulia system, it will probably be constructed being a two-chair product, or perhaps the back again seating will probably be practically worthless. No worries concerning this.

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2019 Dodge Barracuda Interior
2019 Dodge Barracuda Interior

2019 Dodge Barracuda Engine And Specs

V6 or V8, so many people are arguing. Actually, we can easily quickly expect each of them within the provisions. Dodge must increase fuel efficiency. Therefore, the smaller V6 will be the plausible decision. However some enthusiasts mainly will not possess the muscle tissue car without a mighty V8, so Dodge will most probably have each on pallete for the Barracuda.

2019 Dodge Barracuda Engine
2019 Dodge Barracuda Engine

The tiniest engine will almost certainly be 2.4 turbocharged V6, creating something involving 270 and 300 lb-ft of torque. A much stronger variant should be 3. twin turbo V6 with a few 400 horses along with the very same amount for lb-ft of torque.

2019 Dodge Barracuda Release Date And Price

The price will most probably commence at about $30,000, just like Challenger’s earlier designs. It would turn out to be accessible following 2018 or earlier 2019, so we can only wish that Dodge will never always keep us waiting for some time.

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